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Post by FenneSylv on Mon Jul 15, 2013 1:23 pm

Welcome to my InterBlog!

Plus what I said for the description of the tile, I'll also give you a "Song of the day" which you can listen to while looking at the pictures.

First of my InterBlogs!

Song of the day:

Erasure - Always (this is the Robot Unicorn Attack song but the RUA song is 2009-ized.)
Content: 1 Duck Life 3, 3 Robot Unicorn Attack, 2 Bonus

Beat Duck Life 3 with all 4 duck types! WOOHOO!

My 3 Robot Unicorn Attack images.

Bonus section:

Sorry that it's very low quality, but I did the B/W Surf Glitch. I'm ON the old man.

Sorry that it's very low quality again, but it's actually a Porygon, I'm not telling you where this picture came from!

Bye for today's InterBlog!



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