My artsy art!

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My artsy art!

Post by FenneSylv on Sat Jul 13, 2013 11:56 am

Yeah, this is my art. From Pokémon to the totally random.

First is my Pokémon OC:

I made a Flectling animated icon:

Interactive MS Paint Noivern:

How to use: First, save to your computer.
Next, open it up and edit it with paint.
Select Noivern (While transparent), then drag it around! Now you know how it can move.
If you want to animate it, free-form select a part of it's body, and move/rotate it. Do the undo and redo button continuously. Now you know how to animate it!
When you're done close AND DON'T SAVE. Now your Noivern is ready for it's next adventure!

That's all for right now.

You can also request art from me! I can do Recolors, Fusions, Revamps, Eggs, Back in the Pokeball, and Puzzle Pieces. (The last two are mine)



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