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Post by johnr754 on Tue Jul 31, 2012 6:16 pm

Welcome. These are the rules.

Do not advertise. Spambots to be deleted. Consequence? Warning. Second time? 1-week ban. Third time? Banned forever. For spambots? Spambots get banned forever.

Do not spam...please. Consequence? Warning. Second time? 1-day ban. Third time? 1-week ban. Other times? Permaban.

Please, do not insult members. For fun, yes, but for anything else, nooooo.
First time: Warning
Second time: 2-week ban
Third time: 1-month ban
Other: Permaban

Porn is strictly disallowed and will cause a permaban. Fanservice is fine, but not blatant showing of naked people.

That's all.

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